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Dr. Van Buren, MD PhD


Meet Dr. Jeremy Van Buren, MD PhD

Discover a sanctuary of tranquility and rejuvenation at Reflejo Med Spa, guided by the expertise and passion of Dr. Jeremy Van Buren, MD PhD. His unique experiences and qualifications, combined with his commitment to enhancing your well-being, allows Reflejo to focus on treatments that go beyond the surface.

“I’ve assembled a wonderful team to provide an incredible treatment experience.”

– Dr. VB, MD PhD

Education, Training and Achievements

Dr. Van Buren (Dr. VB), MD PhD has an extensive research history in the fields of study that contribute to aesthetics and longevity. His interest in aging began as an undergraduate researcher studying neuroendocrinology in the Department of Physiology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. For his Master’s thesis in the Department of Neurobiology at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, Dr. VB studied learning deficiencies in the context of sleep deprivation and the molecular neurobiology of circadian rhythms. After his Master’s degree, Dr. VB transitioned from molecular biology into neuropharmacology and biophysics. His PhD work focused on spinal cord pain receptors and how they respond to insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF). Following graduate school, Dr. VB attended medical school and residency at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His medical research centered on melanoma and oculo-facial plastic surgery. He currently practices Ophthalmology in Phoenix specializing in refractive cataract surgery and oculofacial plastic surgery.

Through his extensive written contributions, including publications and chapters on eyelid malposition, retinal/orbital cancers, and more, he has shared his knowledge and expertise with the world. He has performed life-changing eye surgeries through his non-profit in Peru, India and the Dominican Republic and delivered invaluable pharmacology and medical education lectures for the World Health Organization. Dr. VB, MD PhD has been a clinical instructor for both the Unviersity of Arizona and the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Jeremy Van Buren, MD PhD with team Dr. Jeremy Van Buren, MD PhD - during the procedure Reflejo Med Spa: Dr. Van Buren, MD PhD

Discover inner harmony at Reflejo Med Spa in the care of Dr. VB, MD PhD and our devoted team.

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